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Chiropractic Health Club in Riverside, CA

Our mission is to help you and your family get out of pain quickly.

At the Chiropractic Health Club, we aren’t afraid to say we are the best chiropractor in Riverside CA because it’s what our patients say!

We see patients everyday and not only do we see improvement in their conditions, but we hear it from them as well. The sound of pain relief from a patient’s exclamations is a wonderful thing!

When it comes to pain relief, we are your answer! All of the Chiropractic Health Club staff believe in a patient-centered approach when it comes to your care and helping you develop optimal health and wellness. From the moment you walk through the door, their goal is help you on your way to a pain free life. That is why Dr. Jay Kang and his team are always current on the latest techniques and technology, so that they can put that expertise to use for you.

In fact, most medical doctors aren’t equipped to offer relief like we can, so they never think to offer it. Most noteworthy, the care we provide at the Chiropractic Health Club offers a great alternative to surgery and the difficult rehab that follows it!


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About Chiropractic Health Club in Riverside CA

We are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health.

We are passionate about chiropractic care, and the profound positive effect it has on your well-being. Whether you are currently suffering back pain, neck pain, arm pain, leg pain, Fibromyalgia pain – any pain! – we take care of patients who need maintenance care or want wellness care.

  • Maintenance Care

    People with chronic conditions of the spine need regular chiropractic adjustments to prevent their spine from getting worse and keep the pain away. Maintenance care can range from 1 visit per week, 2 visits per month, or 1 visit per month; depending on your condition, age, and lifestyle.

  • Wellness Care

    You don’t NEED to have back or neck pain to come see a chiropractor. With regular chiropractic adjustments, you can prevent conditions such as spinal arthritis and keep your nervous system healthy. Think of it like going to your primary care doctor for an annual physical & it’s preventative maintenance of your health.

  • Car Accident Injury Care

    Recently in a car accident? Don’t risk your chances of getting the chiropractic care you need paid for, by waiting too long to see if the pain will go away. Waiting could also lead to a future chronic condition. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS!

  • Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

    Millions of Americans suffer from Fibromyalgia, an often misunderstood disorder that causes chronic, widespread pain and hypersensitivity to pressure.

  • Spinal Curvature Correction

    Many people suffer from chronic neck & back pain. With Spinal Curvature Correction, experience a dramatic decrease in pain in discomfort, but more importantly a sense of restored health and energy.

  • Custom Orthotics and Foot Diabetic Foot Pain Relief

    We can help you alleviate pain in your feet. Correction of poor foot biomechanics with the use of orthotics can often positively affect other pain issues in your body, and help you maintain lasting relief.

  • Relaxation & Sports Massage Therapy

    Massage therapy is more than relaxation and self-pampering. Massages can help prevent diseases and illness too!

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Dr Jay Kang - Chiropractor in Riverside

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